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Kerosene, in its base form and in different other refined forms is used as fuel to power jeect engines of aircraft and even some rocket engines. Though the domestic usage of kerosene has largely been cut down after WHOs recommendation, the total kerosene consumption us about 190,000 cubic meters per day.

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One of the most largely used fuel, diesel, needs good compression and ignition characteristics. The most common diesel fuel is a fractional distillate of petroleum fuel oil is called petro-deisel. Since it is widely used, the quality standards are very strict and there are laws all around the globe. That dictate the quality needed for the diesel fuel.

Tasha International FZE trades diesel and variants that are pure, regulated and the one that meets all quality standards.

People know gas oil better by the name of red diesel, simply because of how similar its properties are to diesel, except for the color. Though laws and regulations around the world stop people from using it as a fuel for roads on road, gas oil is still used as a fuel for heavy machinery, generators and vehicles used in agriculture.

Gas oil is used an economic alternative for diesel, and we at Tasha International are the most economic choice you can make for the purchase of gas oil.

Derived from paraffin, white spirit serves as a solvent in cleaning products and degreasing material. This soluble finds use in the paint and other polishes. Fractionally distilled light part of kerosene fraction makes white spirit. The low aromatic white spirit, or LAWS is more refined that the high aromatic white spirit, and contains lesser Sulfur, and is hence preferred over the latter.

At Tasha International FZE, we operate with compliance to international standards and regulation. So, do contact us for your LAWS requirement!

Paraffin wax or petroleum wax, a soft, colorless solid is derived. From petroleum, coal or oils that are hydrocarbon mixtures. These mixtures contain anywhere between twenty and forty carbon atoms. Paraffin wax is used lubricants, insulators, candles, and crayons. Odorless when undyed, the chemical formula for paraffin is CnH2n+2, and is mostly unreactive.

With a lot of practical applications, paraffin is always in demand, and we at Tasha have been serving the paraffin market with only the best!