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We operate out of the United Emirates, and we are here to make your oil business a lot smoother. As technology advances, the world keeps hunting for an alternate for oil with strict protocols around the oil industry. While the hunt is on, the existing competition in the oil industry has a habit of eating into your profits. 

Our aspirations – Our vision

To be recognised as a partner of choice in the European oil and gas industry. We look forward to delivering our promises, pioneering new opportunities and approaches, and bringing value to the industry and community. We have been consistently best, and we aspire to stay the best.

Base oils

We are equipped with a network of quality producers of baseline oil and other oil-based products. We assure best quality, best quote, and responsible delivery at your premise.


From motorized vehicles to heavy machinery, lubricants have essentially become a part of the manufacturing process. If you’re looking for a bulk supply of the lubricant of your choice, Tasha International is the right place!

Founded</br> 1966
Founded</br> 1966

Our promises – Mission statement

Help the oil manufacturing companies to grow and contribute to the economy. From base oils to lubricants, we promise to deliver only the best to our customers.


Products that we deal with

As a company, we put quality and customer demands ahead of us. We work in line with providing quality products to our customers, and that’s how we’ve gotten where we are now. From base oils to petroleum coke, we deal with a lot of products.

Why Tasha International FZE?

No matter how volatile, stringent, and fast paced the oil industry is, there is always room for players and profit, given the demand. With a little sustainability, and some reliable partners, and a seamless plan can help you stand your ground in the oil industry. We cater to all of these, especially in procuring baseline oil products and other lubricants used in the transport industry.

Indispensable Player

We’ve positioned ourselves as an indispensable player in the European Oil and Gas Industry.

Zero Compromise

Zero compromise on quality, and zealous business ethics have helped us develop international business capabilities!


Get in touch, and we'll talk clearance!


We procure the best quality base oils and lubricants for you.

Aspiring talent?

New opportunities await at Tasha International FZE.

Become a stakeholder!

Looking to partner with us? In need of base oils and other lubricants? Or, are you looking to work with us? Tasha International FZE’s doors are always open, literally, and figuratively. You can call us and have a talk. Our business model revolves around the demands of the customer, and we spend the most of our efforts listening to it sincerely. So, contact us now, and let us know your needs!
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